Diagon Alley - Harry Potter Book Nook DIY

Diagon Alley - Harry Potter Book Nook DIY

Each book is a puzzle piece that reveals to you the big picture of the path to success and happiness. Decorate your bookshelf to add more charm with LKWood's most popular products.

Diagon Alley is a miniature version of the famous street in the famous Harry Potter series of novels and movies by writer J.K. Rowling. Each magic shop is meticulously expressed through every assembly detail, with the pattern of typical European classical architecture. Instead of being filled with magical items like in the movie, LKWood's Diagon Alley book block model set is filled with shimmering and extremely fanciful light. In addition to being a book stopper, Diagon Alley is also a beautiful and impressive decoration for your bookcase or desk.

The right size to decorate a bookshelf

Diagonal Alley is designed with a size suitable for most common bookcases, and at the same time has a reasonable ratio with medium and large sized books, making your bookcase or desk space extremely pleasing to the eye. impressive. Put Diagon Alley next to your favorite books, decorate your bookshelf more eye-catching, pick one and chill.

harry potter book nook

Components are easily disassembled

With more than 130 wood assemblies arranged into 6 panels (from A to F). The details are individually numbered and come with extremely detailed and intuitive assembly instructions. Makes the finished product assembly extremely easy in 3-4 hours. The wood details are meticulously designed and precisely crafted, spread across the boards. The related parts are arranged close together and easily disassembled with just a sufficient impact from the finger. On some details, the patterns or content of words, logos, images are engraved on the wooden surface extremely delicately.

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Eco-friendly materials

If you've ever experienced assembling LKWood's model products, you can't forget the faint scent of wood details. That scent is the characteristic smell of the surface of birch wood (basswood) - the most advanced pressed wood in pressed woods, rare and only used to make high-class fine art items.

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Smart and safe design LED system for paper bookcases

In each product set, there are lights and power supply available, enough for you to install the finished product as shown in the photo of LKWood, the leds are mounted into led panels numbered from 1 to 6. The led panels are also part of the entire model set and designed so that it cannot be misplaced.

Connecting the lamp to the power source is also extremely simple. The connectors are designed in the form of male-female jacks, making connecting them as simple as plugging in a phone charger without any additional soldering. The LED system is also smartly designed so that when one light fails, all the remaining lights are still on. The power source of the assembled model is x4 small batteries (AA batteries) so it's very safe, you can rest assured to put the model in the middle of the bookcase without having to worry about fire or short circuit.

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Detailed assembly instructions and dedicated support
If you are still wondering whether assembling the product is too difficult for you, LKWood would like to quote a feedback from a friend who sent it back: "Even if you are three years old, you can install it".

Besides, LKWood's technical team is always ready to answer any of your difficulties during product assembly. In addition, if you accidentally break or lose parts when assembling, you can ask LKWood to provide replacement parts for free (shipping fees are not included and does not apply to lamp/power details). If there are defective details, you can ask LKWood to provide replacement details without incurring any additional costs (including shipping costs and including lamp/power details). You can contact LKWood for support via email (support@lkwoodglobal.com) or via facebook fanpage.

Diagon Alley Instruction

Is the price of a set of bookcase decoration models like Diagon Alley too expensive?

If you are a fan of wood assembly models and decorations, you are no stranger to similar imported products that cost up to several hundred dollars with many risks when ordering from abroad but without a policy. after-sales support books like LKWood.

Diagon Alley is designed and manufactured entirely by VNHome in Vietnam, without having to bear the costs of intermediaries as well as the costs of long-distance transportation, customs duties, currency exchange rate differences, so the price is only equal to 1/3 compared to similar imported products, suitable for customers' wallets.

Diagon Alley Pre-Colored

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