About us

In 2021, LKWood was born and created a wave in the market with special designs and materials. LKWood is not a brand that everyone likes from day one.

And today, with thousands of products trusted by consumers, LKWood has been making the world more comfortable and happier every day.
As technology advances and our lives become more connected to devices and screens, the opportunity for children to explore their creativity is being challenged more than ever.

Phones and tablets have taken over as our kids’ primary resource for entertainment -- limiting access to explore their own imaginations and ingenuity. We wanted our children to have experiences that would foster lifelong learning, creativity and curiosity, far away from video games and electronics.

Here at LKWood, we wholeheartedly believe in playtime with purpose. We are determined to ignite development in young learners through hands-on experiences that provoke creativity and curiosity. Our mission is to provide families with fun and accessible ways to learn, explore, and build together. Through a thoughtful collection of hand-picked educational activities, we are here to provide your children with limitless outlets to explore their creativity that we hope can spark lifelong passions, confidence, and purpose.