Harry Potter Book Nooks Series: Everything You Need To Know

Harry Potter Book Nooks Series: Everything You Need To Know

Having a collection of the Harry Potter book series is a must for any true Potterhead. However, leaving them to collect dust on a regular shelf might not be the best idea. You can create a book nook with a Harry Potter theme to flaunt your collection and passion for the series instead. A Harry Potter-themed book nook is an excellent way to show off your collection. And it will make a great addition to any Potterhead's collection. In this article, we will discuss book nooks in detail. We'll also discuss some incredible book nook ideas for DIY enthusiasts to try out on their own.

What Are Harry Potter Book Nooks?

Book nooks are a terrific way of livening up your bookshelves. Creating little worlds of wonder between your books can allow them to tell their own story. A book nook is a space between your books that you create to make it seem as if there's another world hiding right between your books.

In some cases, book nooks are also referred to as bookshelf inserts or dioramas. And when talking about Harry Potter Book nooks, they are recreations of the wizarding world on a miniature scale right on your shelf.

Why get Harry Potter Book Nooks?

Book Nooks are an amazing project for DIY crafters and miniature enthusiasts alike.
Furthermore, having your own little piece of the wizarding world on your bookshelf is a perfect fit for any Potterhead's home collection. Adding that extra bit of magic and wonder to their shelves. Crafts like these inspire creativity and imagination in everyone who comes across them on your shelves. And these also make excellent gifts to get for anyone who loves the series as much as we do. Furthermore, they can be an excellent bonding experience if you are making it with a friend or significant other.

All these miniatures and book nooks can help us escape our stressful day-to-day lives and just unwind. Creating small DIY crafts can improve patience, concentration and promote learning among individuals. So, why not get your hands on a book nook ?

5 Harry Potter Book Nook Designs

The wizarding world is chock full of interesting locations that would fit perfectly on your bookshelf. Adding an extra bit of wonder to your collection. However, with all these amazing options at your fingertips which ones should you pick? That is what we are here to help you with. Here are a few Book Nook designs that you can try.

1. King’s Cross Station

Let us start the design ideas with where Harry started his journey to Hogwarts. And that is platform 9 and % at King’s Cross Station. This little platform is a perfect fit for your bookshelf, hiding right between your books, as that is exactly where Harry found the platform. Bringing this secret platform to life as a book nook is a spectacular idea.

The King's Cross Station book nook that you can find on our page comes with added details to boot, Which you can get either as a pre-built or an assembly kit from LKWood. And requires no additional tools to build and is fully furnished with all the details that you'd come to expect from King's Cross Station.

2. Magic Alley

Another fun book nook idea has to be the magic alley. Having a magic alley hidden away on your bookshelf is a magical concept. And having the magic from the books right in the middle of your collection just fits perfectly.

book nook harry potter

The appearance of the magic alley in both the books and the movies is iconic. A wall parting to reveal a secret alleyway is the perfect concept design for a book nook. Thus, the Magic Alley is a must for any Potterhead looking to make or get a hold of a book nook.

3. Cupboard Under The Stairs

harry potter book nook

We cannot discuss Harry Potter-themed book nooks without mentioning one of the most iconic locations from the first book. And that has to be the cupboard under the stairs that Harry used to call home. If you are a Potterhead, you will instantly recognize this location if you see it on your or your friends’ bookshelves

book nook diy

It is a reminder of the humble beginnings of the boy who lived. And looks spectacular resting on your shelf, and is a great way to look back on the story. Like platform 9 % the miniature on our page comes packed with details. They include a miniature Firebolt broomstick and a cute little Hedwig as well.

4. Magic Wand Shop
book nook kit

We can't talk about magic and the wizarding world without mentioning one of the
book's most magical locations. We've all wanted to go there and pick out a wand that chooses us. So, why not have a miniature wand shop sitting on your bookcase? A magical store among your magic books.

diy book nook hp

The Magic Wand Shop is by far one of the most extravagant book nooks found on our page. A detailed recreation of both the interior and exterior of the shop allows you to open the front to showcase the inside. The fully furnished interior with wand cases and a chandelier makes it truly exquisite.

5. Hogsmeade Village

book nook village

Last, on this list of designs, we have the Hogsmeade Village. It is home to many of the adventures carried out by the Golden Trio. The streets are full of magic shops, making it a perfect fit as a book nook. As a magical little village tucked away in the corner of your bookshelf.

Much like many of the other miniatures on this list, this is a terrific example of DIY crafts. Making the small wizarding shops that line the streets of the Hogsmeade Village and the cobblestone street is a fun project.


There are so many fun ways to remember a series so close to our hearts like the Harry Potter series. And LKWood often find ourselves going back to reading these as a form of comfort. As a result, having a small book nook of magic waiting for us on our shelves can give us a taste of that childish wonder that we had when we first read the Harry Potter series.

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