Ollivanders Wand Shop Book Nook - Harry Potter Book Nook Series

Ollivanders Wand Shop Book Nook - Harry Potter Book Nook Series

Ollivanders Wand Shop Book Nook - Potterhead Fandom 

Despite its shabby appearance and poor aesthetic, Ollivander's Wand Shop is a hugely popular wand shop located in Diagon Alley, where the finest quality chopsticks are made. This is probably the reason why the shop is still very crowded even though it is rarely (even never) cleaned and repaired.

Ollivanders Wand Shop, what does the miniature have?

Coming to Ollivander's Shop, you can see each stack of wands neatly stacked near the roof, and each wand in it is Mr. Ollivander's passion. Every witch who comes here to buy wands gets to try on wands that Mr. Ollivander selects based on the buyer's personality, adultery and magical talent.

A wand that is right for its owner will often have a special bond that Mr. Ollivander is sure to recognize when a witch tries them, which he describes as: “The wand chooses the witch, not the witch. Witches choose wands." Often a wand will be loyal to only one owner, and the wand's characteristics such as length, wood and core always reflect the character of the user.

Ollivander wand shop

The difference between Ollivanders Wand Shop comes from LKWood's model

LKWood will take you to the dream world of wizards through the Wand Shop model, visiting one of the most famous places in Diagon Alley. Ollivander's wand shop was tiny, shabby, and dusty. On the door outside the shop was a billboard, gilded but peeled: "Reputable wand maker since 392 BC". The store has thousands of wands in small boxes and neatly stored on shelves.

1/ What material is the model set?

- The model set is made of birch wood, the type of wood that LKWood uses is a very high-class and very expensive birch plywood, this wood helps each cut detail when produced will be very sharp, not smoked, beautiful wood grain and especially very fragrant!

Ollivander wand shop book nook

2/ Model size after assembly?

- The finished model kit will have dimensions: Height 26.5cm x Width 19.5cm x Depth 17.5cm. The height and depth are equivalent to a book.

3/ What about lights and electrical parts?

- The kit includes a full set of lights and power sources (jacks or batteries), you don't have to prepare anything else. All lights are already connected to the jack, you just need to connect them to the power source with a simple movement like plugging in the phone charger. The power supply of the model kit is 5V which is very safe.

ollivander wand shop with lights

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